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have an accident?

need a replacement car?

we can help!

we offer a replacement vehicle service to non-fault drivers - with no upfront costs

have an accident?

need a replacement car?

we can help!

we offer a replacement vehicle service to non-fault drivers - with no upfront costs

have an accident?

need a replacement car?

we can help!

we offer a replacement vehicle service to non-fault drivers - with no upfront costs

have an accident?

need a replacement car?

we can help!

we offer a replacement vehicle service to non-fault drivers - with no upfront costs


Below is list of all the frequently asked questions that you may have in relation to your claim that we are commonly asked and which we believe may answer any question you may have. If anything is not clear then speak to one of our specialists who will be more than happy to explain in details. Either call us on 1300 620 660 or email admin@nationalcarrentals.com.au

What does Credit Hire or ‘demurrage’ mean?

‘Demurrage’ was originally used as a shipping term and then the UK car rental industry adapted this to help in recovery of car rental costs for the victims of road traffic accidents. Basically it means to recover your car rental costs from the party at fault or their insurance company and can be referred to as Demurrage or a Demurrage Claim. It is commonly known as “Credit Hire’. We recover the costs of the rental on your behalf from the at faults insurance company

Which Repairer Should I use?

It is essential that you choose the repairer that you wish to have your repairers done at and it is not chosen by an insurer who wants it done for the least amount of money. We can help provide you with one of our preferred repairers. We are completely impartial to an insurance company and will ensure your vehicle is repaired with genuine parts at a quality shop. Also, do not be lulled into requiring 2 quotes before your car can be fixed. We are here to make your life easier by acting as a one stop shop.

How soon can I get a replacement vehicle?

If your claim has been approved by National Car Rental, you can receive a replacement when your vehicle is being admitted to your smash repair shop or if it is not driveable, you can receive it straight away. Approval usually can be given within minutes once we are given the required information, however please not that in some cases where liability is in doubt approval can take longer.

How long can I keep the replacement vehicle?

  • If your vehicle is repairable, you can keep our vehicle for the duration of the repair.
  • If your vehicle is a total loss and you are claiming through the at fault party’s insurance company, you may keep the replacement vehicle until your settlement cheque has been received, or until the insurance company notifies National Car Rentals that settlement has been made. We will update and notify you as much as possible once we receive instructions from the insurance company.
  • If your vehicle is a total loss and you are claiming settlement from your own insurance company, you may keep the replacement vehicle until you have received your settlement cheque.

How will I know if my APPLICATION has been accepted?

We will send you notification via SMS and email advising you of the branch that will be delivering your vehicle. After receiving this please liaise directly with the branch delivering the vehicle.

What happens after it has been accepted?

In general our delivering branch will call the day before the car is due to be delivered. If you have any queries at any time then you can call us and we will be happy to help. We work on a first come first served basis for specific delivery times so if you do wish to request a specific time then please contact your delivery branch well in advance of the drop off.

Why do I have to provide so much paperwork?

Insurance companies require comprehensive information in order to process any claim promptly. Realistically, completing the paperwork is relatively quick and easy and it means that you can have a replacement vehicle for the time your vehicle is in for repairs. If you have any questions about this then please ask.

How much does it cost me?

If a vehicle is supplied to you then it will be done on a “credit hire” basis. Compass will then recover these costs from the at fault drivers insurance company on your behalf. The only other charges you may incur would be speeding fines, toll notices, fuel and if you are registered for GST, then the GST amount of the claim. You can then recover this through your own Quarterly BAS statement.

What if my insurance company tries to put me off using you?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but we believe our reputation speaks for itself. We always ensure our customers are always looked after by placing their needs and requirements first. We also have a great network of referrers who would not refer us business if they were not happy with what we do.

What happens if I have car rental in my policy?

If you are not at fault in the accident then they might not provide you with a like for like replacement vehicle to put you back in the position you were in before the accident. We also suggest that if you have it in your policy then you might want to keep this option in case you have an at fault accident later in the year. If you are at fault in the accident then we can provide you with a car under that policy and bill it back directly to your insurance company. It could also, without your knowledge affect your premium as well.

What if I am having Extra Repairs?

If you are having any extra repairs done at the same time as your non fault accident then we are unable to recover this. You must inform us of this before the hire so that we do not have to levy any further charges. Alternatively if you with to hire from us to cover this extra repair period then we are able to do this at a great daily rate.

Renting the Actual Vehicle:

By signing the mandate and authority to act you are confirming that the information you have given, is accurate. We contact the at fault party’s insurance company to ensure that the claim has been lodged and also verify the information you have given. The vehicle is available for the reasonable period of time it takes to have the car fixed and we shall advise you of this after speaking with your repairer. When you take control of the vehicle then you will be asked to sign a rental agreement and credit card authority slip. All documents must be back in this office within 3 days of the start of the hire.

What Kind of Vehicle will I receive?

National Car Rentals can offer a full range of replacement vehicles. Wherever possible we shall place you back into a similar size vehicle to the one you are currently driving. So if you have children we will accommodate that, if you are busy executive and have a prestige vehicle we shall provide you with similar(*conditions apply). If you have a Van we can put you back in one. It is important to remember that putting you back into the position you were in before the accident is our number 1 priority. Please note this is subject to vehicle availability.
*Please note that if you have a prestige vehicle is over a certain age we may not be able to provide you a replacement prestige vehicle. This will be determined by the branch delivering the vehicle.

Personal Injury

If you have been involved in the accident then please ask our about our free, no obligation consultation with one of our panel of experts who will advise you what you may be able to claim in relation to your injury. This is at no expense to yourself and they will help recoup any losses you may have incurred.

Cancelling the Process:

At any time you can cancel our whole agreement. If you have already been placed into a vehicle then you may be charged for this time if we are unable to recover it off the insurance company.

Data Protection:

We will share your information with the other party and also the insurance company with whom they are insured to ensure no claims are fraudulent. If we find your claim to be fraudulent at a later date then we may have to charge you.

Complaints Procedure:

If you have a complaint about the way your claim has been handled or any problems with our team then please put your complaint in writing to the management and they shall respond within 7 working days.