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How We Can Help

Our main priority is to provide sound advice as soon as possible and then to have you mobile as soon after the accident again as possible. However, our services stretch much further than that, see below for more information on how we can help..

  • One of our trained experts will speak to you to record details of the accident and ensure that you are given independent advice over any matters which concern you about the accident. We are not employed by insurance companies or repair shops. Therefore advice is totally independent and suited to your needs.
  • We help choose your repairer. Insurers will always have their preferred repairer which may not fit in with your requirements or provide lesser quality – We provide choice of repairer, ensuring that genuine parts are used and the repairs are finished in a timely manner
  • Upon speaking to you and reviewing your accident details we will the make an informed decision on whether we can recover the costs of the replacement vehicle of the negligent party.
  • If we are satisfied that we can help, we will then provide you with a replacement vehicle for the duration of the repair to your vehicle. If your vehicle is deemed to be a total loss (also known as a “write off”), we will advise you on a case by case basis on how long you can stay in the vehicle for.
  • If your vehicle is not “legally roadworthy’ or ‘legally driveable’ (for example a tail light has been smashed) then we can deliver a replacement vehicle to you. If you are still driving your vehicle then we can arrange to deliver a vehicle at the same time that your own one goes in for repairs. The charges for this replacement vehicle are recovered from the insurer of the at fault party by us on your behalf.
  • During the time you are in a rental vehicle we liaise with everyone. This may include – witnesses, insurers, repairers, and the third party. This is for our benefit so you don’t stay in our car too long. If legal advice is required then we can point you in the direction of a firm from our panel of solicitors.
  • This is achieved through our working relationships with dealers, body shops, insurers, fleet management providers and car manufacturers and insurance brokers.
  • We will maintain contact with the repair shop repairing your car and advise you of any delays, and of course when your car is ready to be picked up.